Our first appointment…

This is our first appointment… So, today, let us start with you.

If you are reading these few lines, you are already working as a coach.

Or, probably not…

So, you probably know about the “mirror rule”.

This rule is not new, actually.

And there were better entrepreneurs than me talking in the last few years about the “mirror rule”.

Steve Jobs in his speech at the Stanford University May 12th 2005 said: “if you see someone else in the mirror than you for too many days, than you have to change something”.

If you are a female tennis coach this would sound a bit strange, kind of inapplicable to you. You probably do not shave every day and stay in front of the mirror in the morning, but I am pretty sure you pay your bills at the end of your day with your make-up or in the morning while trying to recompose the puzzle of your face after your sleep.

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