…if you feel like a “poor devil” and your tennis club looks like the “hell”… let the flame of ambition for fulfilment burn in you!



What I do!


Education: on- and off-court interactive seminars/courses for coaches who want to grow with their job and make their time management and their teaching strategies more efficient. Coaching: global assessment and coaching of the player in a 360° perspective: career business planning – weekly traveling coach – private coaching sessions. Consulting: ad hoc solutions for your tennis club: corporate business planning/management – on- and off-court interactive seminars for the education of your coaches.




The courses you have been attending all these years left you bad taste in your mouth and you feel like the Dragon Elliott spitting fire on the tennis courts? The club you are working for is a bit “old school”, teaching pre-school kids with “white balls of the 60s”?


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The tennis career planner My sons are by far much better coaches than I am. They are coaches inside, they were kind of born coaches…


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Your club’s kitchen offers turkeys on the 4th of July? Hawk-eye couldn’t work on your courts because lines are not there anymore?


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Your player threatens you to leave you because he only played 365 matches last year? Sick of your son’s coach burning sim cards during practice?


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Skip this area if you are looking for quick-fixers. If you want to solve yearlasting or even everlasting situations in seconds, this is not the place to be.


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