Donato Campagnoli

- …who are you?
- I’ve been asking the same question…
Am I the son of a panda?
The son of a goose?
A student?
A teacher?
It turns out… I am all of them!

– Kung Fu Panda 3

Donato Campagnoli

My name is Donato Campagnoli and I was born in Italy in 1970, exactly in the city of Carpi, located in the Province of Modena. Almost nobody knows about this “town”, my birthtown… it is kind of mantra to repeat these two words while introducing myself: Ferrari and Tortellini. Everybody has kind of “a-ha” smile on his face then.


For the ones who want to know more about this: it is in the north of Italy, between Florence and Milan, 2,5 hours away from the borders to Austria.

Yes, but… what is the link about the region of the engines and of the good taste and the Tennis?


As a matter of fact, this Sport is a kind “calling” to me… and this despite my university background as a professional interpreter.

The day I graduated I was sure of what I wouldn’t likely be.

Not an interpreter.

Not even a pro tennis player, I was just an average nationally ranked player.

Maybe a university professor, something to deal with teaching, but for sure not an interpreter, not me…

So, I became a tennis coach.

But life brought me much further than just reaching this goal.


Tennis gave me the possibility to learn more about myself, make decisions and solve problems in coaching both on- and off-court.


In fact, during these last 20 years I encountered thousands of situations related to coaching, running tennis programs and club management that I have decided to make my experience available to Coaches and Clubs who want to make their dreams come true, but feel stack in their everyday’s routine and can not make the first step in order to change.